Are you an artist who uses rusty recycled materials?

FantaFaces cleared out many areas of her home and is ready to part with many rusty and other fun items she used to use when she did Macramé so long ago.

And other items that were meant to become wall art elements, but just not gonna happen in the near future.

There are harrowing discs, barrel hoops, old computer hardware, plumbing fixtures and so much more.

How about some old clocks that have great gears or an old cow bell or some small colorfully rusted discs?

If interested in this type of materials go take a peak at the tabs under the tab “Materials For Recycle Art Artists” on the main menu to discover something that will excite you to create a new piece of art using found objects.

There may be more treasures showing up in the near future as she digs deeper into some shelves or in a few boxes in the basement, but there is plenty here to contemplate using for new art work.

Whether you create sculptures or fountains using rusty items or are into the Steam Punk genre of art or wall items that create a nostalgic feeling in the art patron that takes it home, there is something for everyone on these pages.

But when each one is sold, there will be no replacement for it. And some of these items are very rare indeed!

So jump on over to the tab “Materials For Recycle Art Artists” and look at the many pages below filled with fun found objects to get your creative juices flowing.

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